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Novica Skinning

Nikola Rakočević

IMDB profile

Incredibly talented Nikola Rakočević is the youngest actor to graduate from Serbian Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, also last year's winner of 'Sterija Award', the most prestigious award for actors in Serbia.

He acted in feature films 'Shaitan's Warrior', 'Sons of our Fathers', 'The Woman With a Broken Nose', 'Travelator', as well as numerous TV series on national television. The role of Novica, our main character was written specifically for him.

Bojana Novaković

IMDB profile Mina Skinning

Bojana is an established Australian actress of Serbian descent. She starred in many Australian films and TV series, as well as Hollywood films like 'Edge of Darkness', where she played Mel Gibson's daughter, or M. Night Shyamalan production 'Devil', in one of the main roles.

She will also star in the new film 'Generation Um...' alongside Keanu Reeves, and was in Sam Raimi's horror 'Drag Me to Hell'.

Nikola Kojo

IMDB profile Milutin Skinning

Nikola Kojo is one of the most successful Serbian film actors, who was in main roles in 'We are not Angels', 'Pretty Village, Pretty Flame', and 'Wounds', films by acclaimed director Srđan Dragojević. He was our first an only choice to portray the corrupt police inspector Milutin.

Viktor Savić

IMDB profile Relja Skinning

Viktor is our biggest teen TV star, and this is the first time he has to play the 'bad guy'. He has worked in gym and gained 10Kg for the role of Relja, the charismatic skinhead hooligan leader, who lures Novica into the gang.

Nataša Tapušković

IMDB profile Lidija Skinning

Nataša became world famous after her main role in 'Life is Wonderful', a film by Emir Kusturica, which premiered in Cannes. As a gentle and delicate blonde, with a fire in her heart, she was a choice for the police inspector that Hitchcock would have made.

Dragan Mićanović

IMDB profile Professor Skinning

Versatile film and theatre actor with international career, Dragan Mićanović was a perfect choice for the role of Novica's first mentor and math teacher. You can see Dragan in Guy Richie's 'Rockenrolla' and Ralph Fiennes' upcoming 'Coriolanus'.

Predrag Ejdus

IMDB profile Skinning Professor Hadži Tanakosić

Predrag Ejdus is one of the most famous Serbian actors, a true legend, who during his long career appeared in hundreds of plays, films and TV series. He was also the general manager of Belgrade's national theater.